Spain – Iberia dismesses 14 trade unionists to have convocated «illegals» strikes

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Madrid 28/07/2012

Yesterday, Iberia dismisses 14 crew members of Stavla union who organized 27 days of strike in the company between February and May. The strikes were considered «illegal» by the Audiencia Nacional, as Iberia point out in a press release. The members of Stavla union organized the strike days to protest against the creation of a new low cost subsidiary Iberia Express, out of the company. In a press release, Iberia says that «for many times the company warned the Stavla union about the illegality of the strikes, indicating that it reservered the right of taking any actions to protect their rights, however they continued with the strikes, and so the company proceded with the demand». Stavla’s members will meet the Monday the union lawyers to take measures against the dismisses.

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